Development & Investment Services


Market Research

TNT Property development in Melbourne understands the need of market research and analysis of demographics to identify the housing preferences of the consumers. An in depth understanding of the current market trends helps us in extrapolating these trends to know the potential of future growth in different localities. We aim to build in response to the market demand at progressively work to cater to the needs of consumer.


Site Management

TNT initiates the process of site acquisition after a complete verification of the fact that a site is meeting the expectation of our prospective home buyers. We specialise in building the new houses or acquiring the older dwellings and renovating them in the blue chip locations. TNT takes into consideration the need of low maintenance quality homes, keeping the busy schedule of families in mind.


Feasibility Studies

Accessing the financial viability of a project is the most important stage of the development process. Our clients desire affordable upmarket townhouses near good schools, better amenities and developed infrastructure. We aim to provide our clients with the cost-effective and less tedious alternative to renovating an old house.



TNT gives an utmost importance to quality construction. We do not let the pressure of cost cutting come our way of building and construction of quality homes. We have an in-house building team to channelise the diverse costs in an effective and efficient way to develop homes by saving the cost that exceeds the building standards.

site management

Site Management

TNT site managers are responsible for the better site management. Each TNT site managers chooses 4-5 sites at one time by playing a crucial role in making decisions on a daily basis to ensure that the work is being carried out within the assigned budget.

interior design

Interior Design

Style has become one of the most important factors in today's time and is the dominant aspect considered by TNT. The design team of TNT takes a holistic view of the preferences of the buyers and creates a cohesive solution to match the lifestyle needs of the buyer.

investment management

Investment Management

TNT has wealth management arm and offers complimentary consultation to property investors and home buyers, prior to investing in or buying a TNT property. Prior to building and development business, TNT founder had a reputed Wealth Advisory and Finance firm. 14 years later, TNT entered into the development landscape only after recognising the building and investment needs of its clients.

property maintenance

Property Maintenance

We give a post purchase service to our clients. Your relationship with TNT does not end with the keys to your new home. We assist you in a comprehensive manner by taking care of your post purchase needs of property care and maintenance.



  • Pre- Screening
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Site Acquisition
  • Concept Planning
  • Detailed Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction





  • Advertising
  • Private Sales
  • Channel Partners
  • Settlement

Development & Investment Services


Build a Wealth Advisory team around you. Make savvy financial decisions with a tailored plan around your goals. Design a timeline to help you implement your home buying and ownership plan.


What's safe to borrow and spend and how may it impact or facilitate other goals in life. How soon can you pay it off? We'll help you maintain a savings and debt reduction plan through life.


Align you with reliable services we use ourselves e.g. conveyancing, legal, lending, selling agents (for those upgrading), for a seamless experience. Using a cohesive team can reduce costs, time and risks.


Access off-market opportunities by working directly with your building team. Go direct to reduce costs and bypass selling agents.


Goals can be achieved sooner with the right team helping you to monitor and track your progress. Our relationship with you goes beyond moving into your desired home. It extends till the day you pay it off or retire.

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